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Benefits of Freezing Eggs

egg freezing benefits

A recent article in New York magazine highlighted the benefits of freezing eggs before the age of 37. This article emphasized that freezing eggs between age of 30 and 34 offered the greatest chance of using eggs with the highest chance of success. Women under age 30 will have the highest chance of success if the eggs are required but there is less of a chance that they would need to use them. Certainly women in this age group could choose to freeze their eggs.

After age 29 women should seriously consider freezing eggs. Many women wait till they are 35 to 37 before they choose to freeze eggs, but their chance of success is lower then if they froze their eggs before turning 35. Testing of the health of the eggs after 37 is helpful in counseling a patient whether she should freeze eggs. Women over 37 should have ovarian reserve testing to decide if it would be beneficial to freeze their eggs. This testing would include testing for FSH, estradiol and AMH levels. Many women under the age of 35 do not freeze eggs in the belief that they will find a partner to have a child with. However, this study revealed that women between ages of 30 and 34 have the greatest chance of using these eggs with a high chance of success.

This article emphasizes that women should freeze eggs before 38 years of age and would be best to freeze eggs before age 34.

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New York Magazine June 2016