FCNE Earns Nursing Center of Excellence Distinction

FCNE Earns Nurse Center of Excellence Distinction

The Fertility Centers of New England is proud to announce that we have recently received the Nursing Center of Excellence Award. Issued by the Nurses’ Professional Group, this distinction indicates that over 50% of the registered nurses and/or nurse practitioners at Fertility Centers of New England are experienced in Reproductive Endocrinology Nursing, and have completed […]

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Reproductive Freedom: Why Freeze Your Eggs?

When pregnancy is desired, success is expected immediately. Yet, the ability to have a baby is age related and the ‘Biologic Clock’ may run out before the right partner appears. Egg freezing offers young women the potential to preserve their fertility regardless of the age they decide to try and become pregnant. Unfortunately, by the […]

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Advocating for Family Building in New Hampshire: Your Voice Matters!

In 1987, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was the first state to mandate that certain infertility benefits be provided by insurance companies.  Since then, fourteen additional States have passed legislation to offer or cover infertility treatment.  However, the last State to mandate coverage for infertility services was CT in 2005 and there is currently no Federal […]

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Should You Get the Influenza Vaccine During Infertility Treatment?

flu vaccination during infertility treatment

Many people being treated for infertility are unsure whether to get the “Flu Shot.”  During the 2012 influenza season both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Health Department of Health and Human Services (NH DHHS), Division of Public Health Services continue to have a universal recommendation for influenza vaccination to anyone over […]

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