FCNE Earns Nursing Center of Excellence Distinction

FCNE Earns Nurse Center of Excellence Distinction

The Fertility Centers of New England is proud to announce that we have recently received the Nursing Center of Excellence Award.

Issued by the Nurses’ Professional Group, this distinction indicates that over 50% of the registered nurses and/or nurse practitioners at Fertility Centers of New England are experienced in Reproductive Endocrinology Nursing, and have completed the additional training in this area through the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) eLearnTM REI Nursing Certificate Course.

“We believe that nurses play an invaluable role in crafting the patient-centric environment for which we’ve become known,” said Fertility Centers of New England President and CEO, Joseph A. Hill, MD. “This award exemplifies our commitment to providing both knowledgeable and compassionate nursing care to our patients.”

In addition to being named a Nursing Center of Excellence, the Fertility Centers of New England has been named a Center of Excellence for IVF treatment by both OptumHealth and Aetna Healthcare.

We believe that all patients should have access to the best in fertility care. To that end, we accept all insurance plans and offers patients without infertility insurance coverage free initial consultations and access to our IVF Assist program. This program for self-pay patients is the most comprehensive and affordable option for IVF available.

“We are very proud to offer patients not only the most affordable access to fertility treatment, but also high success rates,” said Fertility Centers of New England COO, Brian E. Miller, Ph.D. “Due to advancements in our laboratory, we are able to provide many more patients the option of single embryo transfer (eSET) to help reduce multiple pregnancies.”

About the Nurses’ Professional Group

The Nurses’ Professional Group (NPG) is composed of nurse members of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). Their purpose is to foster the Society’s goals within the practice of professional nursing. They are committed to improving