In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Men Suffering Infertility With Their Partners Often Experience Performance Anxiety

man talking to doctor about infertility in men

Many men suffering infertility with their partners often experience performance anxiety or Erectile Dysfunction (ED). This is especially apparent when some men are asked to produce a semen sample for an IUI or IVF cycle. Prior frozen samples can be used but some men have difficulty producing a sample regardless of the circumstances. Viagra or Cialis are often prescribed and some even suggest non-prescription health supplements that claim to enhance sexual performance eliminating ED. The FDA warns against such advice as these uncontrolled supplements may contain ingredients that could prove harmful especially in men over 40 years old and in those with chronic health issues.

“Ultimately,” according to Dr. Naveed Saleh in MD Linx OB&GYN: January 28, 2019, “other than their placebo effect, many of the supplements sold to boost sexual function are a waste of money. Moreover, these products can contain dubious or dangerous ingredients. Besides prescription medications, the only proven ways to improve sexual dysfunction are lifestyle changes including diet, exercise, and smoking cessation. In addition, psychological causes of erectile dysfunction due to anxiety, depression, guilt, stress or relationship issues may be improved with counseling.”

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