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Is Zika Still A Threat For Pregnancy?

Is Zika Still A Threat For Pregnancy?

The year 2018 brought great concern for this newly evolving syndrome in newborns, infected in utero- the Zika virus. 2019 clarified the cause and effect relationship and the continued monitoring of place. Vacation plans were altered. And then, Zika dissolved from the headlines, and recommendations seemed to recommended mindful management. Is Zika still a threat for pregnancy?

The conundrum remains. Is it that all reproductive age women and young children should move to Greenland?

The American College of Gynecology (ACOG), one our governing bodies recommends the following:

  • Pregnant woman should avoid traveling to areas where Zika outbreaks occur.
  • Pregnant women and those planning pregnancy should know the risks
  • Women with symptoms and potential exposure, should consider waiting 8 weeks to attempt pregnancy
  • If a male partner had exposure, the couple should use barrier contraception (Zika can live in the head of the sperm) and the couple should wait 3 months

And of course, ample amounts of bug repellant while trying to capture just a bit of sun and reprieve from the New England winter/early Spring dredge.

If you have questions about Zika and pregnancy, please contact us. We are here to help.