FCNE Mentioned in NBC News Feature Article

FCNE Embryoscope

The Fertility Centers of New England, mentioned in the NBC News article on advances in IVF, was the first IVF center in the nation to announce the successful births following embryo culture using the Embryoscope® (Unisense/Fertilitech, Aarhus, Denmark), a new advancement for the IVF laboratory.
The Embryoscope® incubator is a state-of-the-art system, with a built-in camera providing automated and continuous time-lapse photography of fertilized oocytes from conception until the time of embryo transfer without disturbing the culture environment. This innovative device, of which there are less than 10 currently being used clinically in the United States, allows embryologists to assess an embryo’s development by observing cell division during key time periods.

Example of videos can be found here.

The Fertility Centers of New England is proud to be at the forefront of advanced infertility treatment and for increasing access to care by providing affordable treatment options without composing quality and results.

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