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Does Poor Sleep Quality Impact IVF Success?

Does Poor Sleep Quality Impact IVF Success?

A recent study looked at answering the question, “does poor sleep quality impact IVF success?” The researchers evaluated the sleep quality of 200 women who were undergoing IVF treatment. They found that women who had poor sleep quality were significantly less likely to conceive.

How Does Sleep Affect IVF Success?

This finding is thought to be because poor sleep quality can disrupt hormone levels associated with fertility. The findings suggest that healthcare providers should emphasize the importance of sleep hygiene for women who are trying to conceive through IVF. By improving sleep quality, women may increase their chances of success with IVF.

Lack of Sleep and Miscarriage

This study is consistent with earlier studies that have suggested that overnight work during pregnancy may increase the risk of miscarriage, even with as little as two-night shifts per week. It is becoming clear that sleep quality, quantity, and timing play significant roles in reproductive health, and women with poor sleep quality may have less success with IVF compared to those with higher quality sleep.

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