Do Migraines Affect Fertility?

migraines fertility

Is your neck involved with your migraine?
One in four households in the U.S. have someone who is affected by migraine headaches. Women are more commonly affected by this debilitating condition compared to men, and frequently migraines for women can occur relative to their menstrual cycles. Do migraines affect fertility? When preparing a body for conception having migraine headaches can cause added and unnecessary stress to your system. What some people are unaware of is that migraine headaches can be helped with a specific and gentle type of chiropractic known as upper cervical care. The nerve tracts in the upper neck are directly linked with the centers in the brain that are responsible for hormonal regulation and the experience of headache pain. If your experiencing migraine or headache around your cycle it could be an indication that your upper neck in out of alignment. Getting that taken care of will reduce stress on your body and help with optimal function. Look at your alignment today: Stand in front of a mirror, close your eyes and nod your head right left and up and down. When you feel centered open your eyes. Is your head tilted? If it is, there is a solution!
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