Weight for Your Fertility

Couples With Obesity May Have More Difficulty Conceiving

obesity and fertility

A new study out of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that couples with obesity may have more difficulty conceiving than couples where both partners are at a normal weight. Specifically, obese couples were not even half as likely to conceive as couples with a normal body mass index (BMI). Additionally, couples where both partners are obese had a harder time conceiving than couples where only one partner is obese.

We have known that it is important for the female partner to be at a healthy weight prior to pregnancy. This study highlights the fact that the BMI of both partners seems to influence a couple’s ability to conceive. A total of 500 couples were followed daily for up to a year as they tried to conceive. When both partners had a BMI of 35 or greater, they were 60% less likely to conceive than couples with a normal BMI.

Many aspects of reproduction are completely out of our hands. This study suggests that achieving a healthy weight prior to conceiving can have a substantial impact on a couple’s probability of successfully conceiving on their own.

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