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Author: Joseph A. Hill, III, M.D.

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How Much Does IVF Cost?
Over the last forty years in the United States, health care spending by individuals has increased 30-fold, from around $350 per person in 1970 to well over $10,000 per person…
Getting in Shape for Pregnancy
Getting in Shape for Pregnancy
Many attempting pregnancy wonder what they can do to improve their chances for a successful pregnancy. Getting in shape for pregnancy is often overlooked. There are 5 basic components to…
Access to Fertility Treatment
Access to Fertility Treatment
Infertility is a disease. An estimated one out of six couples attempting pregnancy will have fertility challenges. A major barrier for infertile patients needing infertility treatment is the financial cost.…
Ovulation Calendar
Am I Ovulating?
“Am I ovulating?” This question comes up a lot with patients. Ovulation is the process whereby an egg is released by the ovary. Ovulation usually occurs cyclically giving rise to…