If you have been diagnosed with cancer or certain other diseases, your fertility may be at risk. We can help reduce the stress of planning for your future, when you are faced with the here and now of cancer. Our Oncofertility Program provides state-of-the-art options for reproductive-aged men and women who are about to begin treatments that may prevent them from having children.

Chemotherapy and radiation can destroy follicles in the ovary, speeding the natural decline of ovarian reserve and causing either temporary or even early menopause. These same treatments can also damage sperm-producing cells within the testicles causing azoospermia.

Radiation therapy can also adversely affect fertility, depending upon which part of the body is treated. Radiation in women to the abdomen or reproductive organs can damage follicles leading to early menopause and can also damage the uterus, affecting the ability to carry a pregnancy. Radiation in men can damage the testicles causing azoospermia. Radiation to hormone-producing areas of the brain may also adversely affect fertility by blocking normal hormone production.

Not all cancer treatments impact fertility the same way for everyone. We are experienced in collaborating with you, your Oncologist and your Radiation Therapist to pursue fertility preserving treatment options, including sperm freezing and emergent IVF with either embryo or egg freezing.
Our goal is to help you preserve your potential to ultimately have a healthy baby.

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