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Women Who Work Long Hours

Long Work Hours Fertility

A recent study from the Harvard School of Public Health revealed that women who work greater than 40 hours per week took 20% longer to conceive compared to women who work 21 to 40 hours per week. I don’t know of any studies that have shown working normal hours decreases one’s fertility.
In this study working different shifts did not appear to affect time to conception. Also in the study women whose work required heavy lifting or moving had a 50% increase in time to conceive. Heavy lifting was defined as moving greater than 25 pounds at least 15 times per day.

This association was more pronounced among overweight women. Overweight women who lifted greater than 25 pounds at least 15 times per day took  two to  three times as long to conceive. Women who work long hours and perform heavy lifting have a increased time to conceive.

Women who do work more than 40 hours per week and perform heavy lifting and should consider decreasing their hours to less than 40 hours per week and decrease their heavy lifting.

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