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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Facts | Infertility Stress

The inability to become pregnant grips many women. The story is common – it starts out with excitement and so many expectations. Quickly it stales and is rendered to calendars, too many urine predictor kits and mechanics. Websites, blogs, cadre of nutritional supplements-turned into cathartic snake oils infiltrate life usurping rent-free brain space. First, breathe […]

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Spitting: A Bad Habit. The Role of Saliva vs. Serum (Blood) Test for Hormone Evaluation

Patients undergoing infertility treatment are faced with numerous appointments, various testing, “needle-pricks” by phlebotomists, and injections of fertility medications.  Quality centers search for ways to minimize the stress and inconvenience that infertility treatment can impose on patients and search for ways to make treatment more “patient-friendly“ without compromising  pregnancy success rates.  We believe that making infertility […]

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