Are Cancer Patients Informed About The Impact Of Treatment On Their Fertility?

cancer patients and fertility

If you have been diagnosed with cancer or certain other diseases, your fertility may be at risk. We are often asked, “Are cancer patients informed about the impact of treatment on their fertility?” Chemotherapy and radiation can destroy follicles in the ovary, speeding the natural decline of ovarian reserve and causing either temporary or even […]

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World Cancer Day: February 4th

World Cancer Day - February 4th

Every year across the world February 4th is dedicated to raising awareness and education about cancer. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, your fertility may be at risk. We can help reduce the stress of planning for your future, when you are faced with the here and now of cancer. Our Oncofertility Program provides […]

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Fertility Preservation for Patients with Cancer

egg freezing for cancer patients

Due to recent medical advances, a cancer diagnosis–although devastating–no longer means the loss of life or even ultimate fertility. Fertility preservation options should be considered when planning cancer treatment because chemotherapy and radiation, the standards of care in cancer treatment, can result in gonadotoxicity rendering both men and women permanently sterile. The new field of […]

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Fertility After Cancer

For many, having a child is very much a part of the quality of life. Not all young cancer survivors are aware of the potential option for fertility preservation and many oncologists are similarly unaware. According to a national survey of physician practice patterns, less than half of cancer patients of childbearing age felt they […]

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