Is a Uterine Transplant an Option for a Woman Who Needs a Gestational Carrier?

Uterine Transplant

The transplantation of solid, vital organs (heart, lungs, kidneys) has been on the forefront of pushing medicine’s frontier. The advances and understanding the science has afforded many the opportunity to live fulfilling lives as mothers, fathers, children and contributing community members. Organ donors are heroes. This same science and progress has allowed for exploration of […]

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Famous Couples Also Chose Surrogacy and Gestational Carriers


Sometimes it takes more than just two people to create a family. When a medical condition affects a woman’s ability to carry a baby to term or when a gay male couple wants to have a child, they can turn to a gestational carrier. The Fertility Centers of New England have helped many couples to […]

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Family Building for Same Sex Couples

Same Sex Family Building Options

Family building options for same sex couples include adoption, foster care, embryo adoption, surrogacy, donor sperm insemination (DI), donor oocyte with gestational carrier, and shared maternity. For male same sex couples the best option to achieve parenthood is a gestational carrier with an oocyte donor using sperm from either or both partners separately to inseminate […]

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