Does Freezing Embryos Affect Success Rates?

freezing embryos and impregnation rates

On occasion during an IVF cycle the doctors may decide to forego an embryo transfer with fresh embryos and freeze all the embryos for a future embryo transfer. This can cause a lot of stress for the patients as they are anxious to move forward with the embryo transfer. There are two main reasons that […]

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FCNE Featured on CBS Discussing Ethical Questions About Frozen Embryos

Frozen Embryo Ethics | Sofia Vergara

The Fertility Center’s of New England’s Dr. Beth Plante was featured on CBS Boston discussing  the ethical questions about frozen embryos sparked by the recent feud between Sofia Vergara and her former fiance, Nick Loeb. Dr. Plante says hard as it may be, clinics force couples to sign the consent forms covering every contingency. “What […]

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