Why Are Chromosomes Important?

Why are chromosomes important for a successful pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an exciting time but the anxiety of a having a baby with an abnormal number of chromosomes can be overwhelming. Fear of miscarriage is also a common concern. Difficulty becoming pregnant occurs in 15% of couples trying to have a baby and miscarriages occur in up to 15% of all pregnancies.  A major […]

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Benefits of Folic Acid in Pregnancy

January 6-12 was Folic Acid Awareness week. Folic Acid is an essential B-Vitamin that everyone needs to build DNA for cell growth and development. Enriched grains and fortified cereals contain Folic Acid. However, the best method of ensuring that you are receiving enough of this important water-soluble vitamin is to take 400 micrograms of Folic […]

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Male Fertility: The Other Half

Approximately 40% of infertility is related to the male.  Key to understanding male fertility is analysis of the semen.  Semen samples can vary from month to month, or even day to day because it takes about 72 days for sperm to develop within the testicles. Unlike eggs, which are present since you were born, sperm […]

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