How Long to Wait to Try Again After a Miscarriage

trying after miscarriage

A common question we receive is how long to wait to try again after a miscarriage? Clinicians traditionally have advised those who have suffered a miscarriage not associated with a molar pregnancy to wait at least 3 months before reattempting conception. A recent study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology of a multi-center randomized trial has […]

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Misconceptions Regarding Reproductive Health and Conception

reproductive health and conception

Recently, a population-based study was published by Lundberg et. al. that assessed and evaluated perceptions regarding fertility in reproductive-aged women. The participants were between ages 18-40 years old. Approximately 50% of these women already had children and a separate 50% of the population were contemplating having a first child or expanding upon their family. In […]

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Diet and Lifestyle Issues While Attempting to Conceive

Caffeine and Fertility

Although a healthy lifestyle, including exercise and proper diet, is important for general health, it is not necessary to abstain completely from caffeine and alcohol while trying to conceive. On the other hand, extremes of weight and cigarette smoking have been shown to be detrimental to people trying to conceive. Here are common diet and […]

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At Home Fertility Monitoring: Caveat Emptor (Let the buyer beware)

The cyclic menstrual cycle is predictable. In the first half of the cycle, care is taken to groom the best egg for fertilization. Once this egg reaches the maturity parameter; ovulation is triggered and the released oocyte sets out on its journey into the fallopian tube. Here it is fertilized by the sperm and then […]

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