Low AMH Levels Are Associated With Miscarriage Following IVF

AMH levels miscarriage

Anti-Mullerian Hormone or AMH is secreted by ovarian granulosa cells and is a useful marker for the ovarian response to gonadotropin stimulation in women having IVF. A recent study reported that low AMH levels are associated with miscarriage following IVF. The study, which was reported at the October 2016 meeting of the American Society for […]

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The Reproductive Life Cycle

There are five reproductive stages in a woman’s reproductive life cycle.  These include premenarche (before the first menstrual period) stage; the reproductive, premenopausal stage; the early menopausal transition stage; the late menopausal transition stage; and finally, menopause.  There is no single test to determine reproductive potential, but the menstrual cycle pattern and hormone levels can […]

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