Passing up French Fries for Carrot Sticks

french fries or carrot sticks | healthy eating

Most of us have a hard time passing up french fries for carrot sticks. Recent research, however, has shown that you can train your brain to select healthy food choices. It is not easy and requires dedicated hard work and stamina but changing your diet to one that is high in fiber, high in protein, and low in carbohydrates has been shown to alter the way your brain responds to food making healthier food seem more appealing. Brain scans performed on overweight and obese men and women after being on this diet for six months showed activity changes in the reward centers of the brain indicating greater enjoyment of healthier food and decreased sensitivity to unhealthy, high calorie foods. Not surprisingly they also lost significantly more weight than a control group not on the diet. So, although it is not easy to pass up french fries for carrot sticks, it is possible to train your brain to feel more rewarded for doing so.