Our Patients Become Our Family

Our Patients Become Our Family

We often talk about infertility treatment as a journey. Fertility Centers of New England is your partner on this journey, offering the most advanced fertility treatment and a personalized approach focused on finding the right path for you. Our patients become our family and our goal is to help everyone achieve the family of their dreams.

Because our patients are like family to us, we are honored to be able to share their stories:

“My wife and I went through 6 IUIs and 1 round of IVF to get to our beautiful baby boy Caswell Robert. Dr. Plante was with us the whole way, being supportive at every turn. Two years, a loss and finally a successful pregnancy. Caswell is now ONE and our hearts are so full! He loves to smile, laugh, dance, eat and learn. Dr. Plante and her whole team were like family by the end of the process. We look forward to coming in soon to try for baby number 2! Caswell Robert, your Moms love you!”

Our Doctors Are Here for You 

Dr. Plante is one of our talented fertility doctors at Fertility Centers of New England. In addition to helping bring Caswell Robert into the world, she has worked with countless patients to understand their unique fertility needs and get them on the path to parenthood.

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