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Odds of Getting Pregnant

Odds of Getting Pregnant

A common question most couples have when trying to conceive: What are the odds that I will get pregnant this month? When the decision to have a baby has been decided, success is expected immediately. In fact, many couples assume the odds of getting pregnant are higher than they are and that they will get pregnant quickly; however, the natural ability to conceive a baby is only 20% per month. It is important to know when to seek help if getting pregnant has not been successful. For women under age 35 after trying to conceive for a year or for women over 35 after trying for six months, their chances of success without help drops to less than 4% per month.

How Common is Infertility?

Infertility is more common than often realized. It affects 1 in 8 couples trying to have a baby, and unfortunately, many are too embarrassed or afraid to talk about their fertility issues. There are many factors that can affect the chances of getting pregnant. We have put together the facts on your fertility to help you make the best decision on when to seek help.

For fertile couples, the chance of achieving a successful pregnancy is:

  • 20% for any given month
  • 57% within three months of trying
  • 75% within six months
  • 90% within one year
  • 95% within two years of attempting pregnancy

How Does Age Affect Fertility?

Infertility affects women and men equally. Fertility begins to decline in your 30s and declines sharply in your late 30s. At age 30, a woman has a 20 percent chance of getting pregnant naturally. At age 40, the chance of getting pregnant naturally is only 5 percent. Here is how the ability to get pregnant declines with age:

  • Fertility declines in men after age 50
  • Fertility declines in women after age 30
  • Before age 25, 4% of women have difficulty achieving a successful pregnancy
  • For women between 26-34 years, 13% have difficulty having a baby
  • For women between 35-39 years, 25% have difficulty conceiving
  • By age 40, 34% of women attempting pregnancy will have difficulty achieving pregnancy

No matter what your situation, we will work with you toward a solution. We have helped a range of people, from women who simply want to preserve their fertility for the future through egg freezing to those who have gone through multiple pregnancies without success. We help all who are seeking parenthood through assisted reproductive therapy, including single parents and same-sex couples.

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We believe information is empowering. Many who experience infertility do not know where or how to seek help. If you have more questions on what your odds of getting pregnant are or if you are concerned there is a reason why you aren’t pregnant yet, please contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

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