In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Is IVF Likely To Work For You?

IVF success rates

When a patient or couple is pursuing fertility treatment, there is always an emphasis on success rates. Quoted success rates are largely based on a patient’s age, however, every patient is different. Is IVF likely to work for you? Researchers out of the UK have now developed a prediction model to estimate the chance of a live birth over multiple cycles of IVF. This prediction model can be individualized for a given couple based on a number variables as well as their response to treatment.

Researchers studied 113,873 women with 184,269 completed cycles. One model was developed to predict a couple’s cumulative chances of success prior to treatment and the second model took into account the patient’s actual response to treatment. Such a model may help providers and patients to prepare for the IVF process and have a realistic understanding of the long-term probability of success. For instance, according to the model, a 30 year old women with two years of unexplained infertility has a 46% chance of having a live birth after the first IVF cycle and a 79% chance of a live birth over the course of three completed cycles.

Overall, these results are very encouraging. While fertility treatment often feels like a marathon, the majority of couples will ultimately be successful. We are very proud of our IVF program at Fertility Centers of New England. Our pregnancy rates remain outstanding, and we offer one of the most cost-competitive programs available. If you have questions about your fertility, please contact us today!

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