IVF Injections and How They Work

IVF Injections and How Do They Work

Undergoing infertility treatment can feel overwhelming, especially managing the medications that are involved with treatment. Patients often ask about IVF injections and how they work. Fertility medications are prescribed during IVF cycles as part of the treatment process. Their role is to trigger the release of various hormones that stimulate egg production and maturation with the additional benefit of regulating the ovulation cycle. The IVF treatment process is optimized by allowing control over the timing of each step.

Each patient is unique and will be prescribed the fertility medication that will meet their needs. This includes the dose of each medication which is dependent on several factors, including the type of IVF cycle that the patient is undergoing. Listen in to Dr. Vitiello explain fertility medication injections and the role they play in an IVF cycle.

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