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How Long To Wait After A Miscarriage Before Trying To Become Pregnant

how long after miscarriage should i wait to get pregnant

How long to wait after a miscarriage before trying to become pregnant again has been debated for years with different clinicians varying opinions ranging from one to six or more months. Miscarriage is a very common occurrence. At least 15-25% of pregnancies will end in miscarriage, and as a woman ages, this percentage increases. Many women are not aware of this high percentage of pregnancies that miscarry. Miscarriage can be the loneliest grief and the thought of when to try again is a common feeling with women who miscarry.

A recent study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology included 541 women who had experienced a recent miscarriage and were asked the question whether inter-pregnancy interval after pregnancy loss is associated with the risk of repeat miscarriage. Investigators found that one miscarriage does not necessarily increase the risk of another loss and advising women to delay conception after a loss is unfounded as the lowest risk of a subsequent miscarriage occurred in women waiting less than three months to conceive. Therefore it is not necessary to wait a specified number of months prior to re-attempting pregnancy after a miscarriage.

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