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Hereditary Gynecologic Cancers

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There are approximately one million people in the Untied States carrying genes for the most common hereditary gynecologic cancers: BRCA and Lynch syndrome. Early diagnosis of their carrier status and interventions such as increased surveillance and prophylactic surgeries can dramatically reduce their risk of dying from cancers caused by their genetic mutations. A focus on family history and risk stratification affords the opportunity to detect those individuals who carry one of these genetic mutations that dramatically increase their risk of developing cancer. Even men whose mothers had breast or ovarian cancer have a 5% to 6% chance of carrying a BRCA mutation and if he had a child, the chance of him passing on that cancer-causing gene to his offspring would be 2.5% to 3%. Due to rapid advances in genomic technology and in vitro fertilization couples now have the opportunity to have preimplantation genetic diagnosis to eliminate any chance that their child will receive this cancer-causing gene.

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