Healthy Eating for Your Fertility

healthy eating for your fertility blog

We are excited to announce a new blog series featuring healthy eating for your fertility! The series is in conjunction with the Nutrition Solution Group (NSG) and will feature everything from tips and advice on how to eat healthy for your fertility. Jennifer Ackerman, the founder of the NSG, has been working hand-in-hand with the FCNE fertility team since 2012 to help patients reach their ideal body weight and nutrition goals to achieve healthy and successful pregnancies.

Jennifer holds a Masters Degree in Nutrition Communication from The Friedman School of Nutrition and Science Policy at Tufts University; she’s a Registered Dietitian, a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, a Certified Diabetes Educator, and holds a Certificate in Adult Weight Management. Jennifer is very passionate about nutrition and health. As a new mother she understands the desire to become a parent and is looking forward to helping others achieve this dream.

Our weekly blog series begins next week! Stay tuned!