In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Get Your Flu Vaccine Early This Year

Well, flu season will be here before you know it and the 2013-14 vaccine has recently become readily available.

The CDC recommends that all women, including pregnant women receive the flu vaccine. So, certainly women who are trying to conceive should get their vaccine as soon as possible.

The CDC recommends all of the inactivated or recombinant vaccines for women who are trying to conceive except the nasal form, commonly known as FluMist. This vaccine is derived from the live flu virus (live attenuated vaccine) and may be harmful to a developing fetus. All injectable vaccines are safe in pregnancy. Quadrivalent and trivalent vaccine are equaly effective in preventing influenza.

The flu can can cause a more severe illness in pregnant women than in nonpegnant women, due to changes in their immune system; this can lead to increase in hospitalizations and premature labor and birth.

For more information, click here!  All women, including patients undergoing infertility treatment should get a flu shot. Get your flu vaccine early this year!