Infertility Treatments

Flu Vaccination During Infertility Treatment

The Flu Shot For Women Who Are Attempting To Conceive

Flu season is upon us and it is important for all to heed the CDC message: Get vaccinated, stay at home if you are sick, and take medications if they are prescribed.

Last year only 46% of the US population received the flu vaccine.  Among pregnant women only 52% received vaccination while 92% of physicians and 90% of nurses received the flu shot last year.

There are many more flu vaccine options available and places to get them this year than last year. Vaccine options include the traditional intramuscular injection, an intradermal shot with a smaller needle, nasal spray, an egg-free vaccine for those with egg allergies, and a high dose vaccine for use in the elderly.  The flu shot is safe during all trimesters of pregnancy, although, the nasal spray is not recommended during pregnancy. Is it safe then to have the flu vaccination during infertility treatment? The answer is, yes, women undergoing treatment for infertility should also be vaccinated against influenza. For more information see the CDC’s morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report on Sept 19 (MMWR 2014;63:805-11).