Financing Your Fertility

Fertility Treatment Financing

Prior to 2008-2009, several large National banks offered fertility treatment financing options for patients through a credit card or loan. However, in the years following the U.S. financial crisis and destabilization of the economy, several banks and lenders stopped offering fertility treatment financing. This trend generated fewer options for patients needing a loan to pay for treatment but created business opportunities for new companies. One of the first such companies formed was CAPEXMD, which continues to offer medical loans at the lowest interest rates possible. This month, the Fertility Centers of New England not only announced the opening of the Boston Fertility Center, but we also partnered with CAPEXMD as a participating fertility provider. The benefits to patients include 1) the most affordable treatment options available through the Fertility Centers of New England and 2) patient access to the Nation’s premier fertility financing company, CAPEXMD.

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Understanding the cost of fertility treatment can oftentimes be a confusing maze. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine estimated that the average price for an IVF cycle approaches $19,000. It’s very important for patients to ask about the upfront cost of treatment and compare that number to other IVF centers. At the Fertility Centers of New England, we offer IVF Assist for all self-pay patients. The price is all-inclusive at $13,000, excluding medications. For those needing further financial assistance, the Fertility Centers of New England’s partnership with CAPEXMD gives patients the opportunity to apply for loans with competitive rates, flexible terms, and the comfort of knowing that the CAPEXMD team focuses on only one thing…fertility treatment financing.

Please contact our team and make an appointment today. The initial consult is free for all self-pay patients. The Fertility Centers of New England continues to be the National leader in access to affordable treatment options without compromising our high quality of care or our pregnancy success rates. We are very pleased to now offer our patients financing options through CAPEXMD.