Fertility Centers of New England Announces Computerized Sperm Class Analyzer®


The Fertility Centers of New England is proud to announce the successful launch and clinical use of the Computerized Sperm Class Analyzer® system for andrology services.

The Fertility Centers of New England is the only IVF center in New England using this advanced technology. The Computerized Sperm Class Analyzer® is a computer automated semen analysis system (CASA) designed to provide objective quantitative analysis of human sperm samples.

“We are very proud that the Fertility Centers of New England is at the forefront of using this technology,” said Fertility Centers of New England President and CEO, Joseph A. Hill, M.D.

The team at Fertility Centers of New England continues to invest in technological advancements in the embryology laboratory, as evidenced by clinical use of the Embryoscope® and the most advanced low-O2 incubators.

“Our investment in advancing the embryology laboratory is providing patients with the best possible embryo culture conditions and highest chance for success,” said Dr. Hill. “We are now happy to invest in the most advanced technology for our Andrology Laboratory.”

The automated image analysis of CASA provides results with high precision, repeatability and objectivity not possible in manual semen analysis. The CASA system was first installed in the Reading, MA and Dedham, MA locations and is planned for use in Portsmouth, NH and Bedford, NH within the next month.
Referring physicians and patients will also benefit from expanded semen analysis appointment times and a streamlined clinical result report. Patients and physicians wanting to learn more about this advanced technology can contact us here!

In addition to the Fertility Centers of New England remaining at the forefront of advanced infertility treatment, our team is also focused on increasing access to care by providing the most affordable treatment options available without compromising quality of care and results.