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Eating On a Budget for Fertility

Eating On a Budget for Fertility

Like many women, you might be changing the way you eat to boost your health and fertility. And you might be concerned that it’s going to be expensive. But with some smart strategies, eating on a budget for fertility is doable.

What is Eating for Fertility?

In general, a fertility diet consists of healthy proteins and fats, including more plant-based than animal-based protein; unrefined or unprocessed carbs; and lots of vegetables and fruit – aim for 8 or more servings of vegetables and 2-3 servings of fruit. (For more on foods that boost fertility, click here).

Fertility Foods on a Budget

The following strategies will help you stock your fridge and pantry with fertility-friendly foods on a budget:

  • Do weekly meal planning and prep. Spend some time on the weekend thinking about what you’ll eat for the week. Start with what’s already in the pantry and the freezer, and start building menus and meals around it. Make extras for dinner so you have leftovers for lunch. With meal planning and prep, there’s a lot less waste, which equals savings.
  • Download the Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen lists from the Environmental Working Group. When eating for fertility, ideally, you’ll eat organically raised produce so that you’re eating vegetables and fruits that aren’t contaminated with chemical pesticides. The Dirty Dozen lists produce that is highest in pesticides – choose to buy those organic or don’t buy them; the Clean 15 has the lowest pesticide residue, and it is okay to buy conventional; it’s not necessary to spend more on organic.
  • Shop around. Stores like Whole Foods, which sells a high volume of organic products, often have lower prices on organics than conventional grocery stores that carry fewer organic items. Trader Joe’s has seeds, nuts, frozen organic veggies and fruits, and canned beans and legumes at great prices. More and more big box stores (Target, Walmart, etc.) are stocking healthier items and organic foods at lower prices than some grocers.
  • Buy dry goods in bulk. Bulk dry goods (quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal, nuts, beans, legumes, etc.) have a much less expensive cost per pound than buying the same product in a box or package.
  • Buy whole foods, not processed foods. Yes, you’ll need to spend more time on meal prep and cooking, but you’ll eliminate preservatives, additives, and ingredients that may be working against your fertility, all while saving money.
  • Eat less animal protein and more plant-based protein. Beans and legumes are less expensive forms of protein than meat and are better for fertility.
  • Buy a whole chicken. Buying the whole bird, rather than parts is less expensive per pound.
  • Buy less expensive cuts of meat. If you eat meat, buy less expensive cuts and use them in soups and stews. You’ll also be sure to get more veggies that way.

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If you have more questions about eating on a budget for fertility or your overall ability to conceive, please contact us to schedule your initial consultation. We thank Jennifer Redmond, a certified integrative nutrition health coach, for writing this blog to help patients have more resources on nutrition.

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Jennifer Redmond is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who has worked in the infertility field for more than 15 years. In her Empowered Fertility program, Jennifer takes a 360-degree view of her clients’ wellness and helps them implement dietary and lifestyle changes to boost fertility and feel deeply supported in the process.

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