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Cell Phones and Infertility

cell phones and infertility

Cell phones are an everyday part of life. The advances in technology enabling not only voice communication but most recently high resolution pictures and internet access have been accompanied by increased intensity and frequency of electromagnetic waves being emitted. Our bodies receive these waves and convert them into both electric and magnetic fields. Are cell phones and infertility linked? Adverse biological interactions attributable to cell phone-emitted radiation have been made. Reproductive cells, sperm and eggs, are electrically active cells and their exposure to cell phone electromagnetic waves and currents have been postulated to affect reproductive function.  Evidence for the adverse effects of cell phones on fertility comes from both animal and in vitro (laboratory) studies.  While these studies may be different from in vivo human exposure, clinical correlations, especially with abnormal sperm parameters and function, have been made.

Until further studies and performed and reported in humans, warnings regarding further increase in the power density of emitted cell phone radiation should be heeded. Simple measures one may incorporate to minimize the impact of exposure include: use a land line whenever possible; use a speaker phone when possible; hold the phone well away from your body when sending a text or viewing images; avoid sleeping with the phone close to you; avoid wearing the phone on your body; and purchase a low radiation model and network.

Cell phone technology will undoubtedly continue to advance with more innovative and expansive services and newer and better products. Consumers need to be aware of the potential for adverse biological effects of this ever expanding technology so that proper precautions can be taken.