Infertility Treatments

Building Healthy Families One Baby At A Time

Infertility is a life crisis and a devastating disease affecting one in eight couples trying to conceive. One of the most successful therapies for infertility is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), but many IVF cycles result in disappointment as embryos fail to implant. This is most often explained by having an incorrect number of chromosomes called aneuploidy in embryos being transferred, tempting many to transfer more than one embryo at a time in hopes that one will implant and make a successful pregnancy. This can lead to a higher chance of multiple births with all of the increased morbidities and mortalities associated with such high-risk pregnancies.

Most aneuploidy embryos fail to implant, and the majority of the rest result in miscarriages. Some aneuploid embryos can lead to the birth of a baby with an extra copy of chromosome 21 (Down Syndrome) or an extra copy of other chromosomes resulting in severe abnormalities and mental deficiencies. The chance of producing abnormal embryos increases as a woman ages. This is the primary reason why birth rates fall for women in their late 30s and early 40s. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis using cGH offers the best chance of selecting an embryo that will make a healthy baby.
This requires biopsying the embryo on Day 5 after fertilization by removing a single cell called a blastomere. This cell is then analyzed for all 23 pairs of chromosomes so that a normal (euploid) embryo can be selected for transfer. This improves the clinical pregnancy rate even in women over age 42, provided that they can make a Day 5 embryo suitable for biopsy. Knowing that the chromosomes are normal also obviates the need for transferring more than one embryo thus building a healthy family one baby at a time.

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