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Body Alignment and Fertility

When trying to conceive and maintain a pregnancy it’s important to make sure your body is functioning optimally. This includes proper sleep, nutrition, exercise and more. Have you thought about your body alignment? The brain and spinal cord comprise the central nervous system of your body which controls all function from breathing to hormonal production to posture.

This central nervous system is protected by your spine. In particular, your upper neck is the most mobile area of the spine, it’s also the most neurologically sensitive. Because of that mobility when trauma enters the body it makes this area the most susceptible to misalignment and this causes the head not to sit level with the ground. When the head and eyes are not level the body has a ‘righting reflex’ that will cause the lower spine to compensate, a shoulder pulling up or the hips twisting. These compensation patterns cause aches and pains lower down the spine as well as affecting how those spinal nerve roots function. Taking care of your spine can help a body function optimally. Check out your posture in a mirror, is your body balanced?

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