Ask Mary: Booking Your First Fertility Treatment Appointment


The time has come: you’re ready to take the first step toward the family of your dreams by booking your first fertility treatment appointment. While you’ve done thorough research to determine what fertility clinic you want to work with and treatment options you’re interested in exploring, you likely still have questions about what to expect.

To help you feel confident before your initial consultation, we are here to share some of the most frequently asked questions potential patients have for our patient concierge, Mary Kelley-Webber. With 25 years of experience in fertility, your care begins with her. 

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Getting Started with Your Fertility Treatment

How do I schedule an appointment?

Many people who speak with Mary are looking to schedule an appointment with a fertility specialist at one of our centers located throughout New England. She will find a time at the most-convenient location for you at the earliest date possible. To get started, you can send Mary a message about scheduling here.

What do I need to do in preparation for the appointment?

Our goal is always to provide our patients with a personalized care plan that sets them up for success. As such, we’ve created our patient portal, where you can provide information about yourself, your history, and, if applicable, your partner. During this time, you can provide any insurance information so we can check your benefits for you to see what coverage you may qualify for before you come in. If coverage isn’t available, we will walk you through different options to help with affording fertility treatment.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

You’ve waited long enough to start your family, you shouldn’t have to wait for an appointment. We work to schedule your initial consultation as soon as possible.

Can I attend my initial consultation in person or virtually?

We want to meet you where you are. Therefore, both in-person and telehealth appointments are available for your initial consultation, so please let us know which option works best for you. Subsequent appointments may require in-person visits, particularly if testing or monitoring is needed.

How much does fertility treatment cost?

At Fertility Centers of New England, we do our very best to be transparent, especially pricing. Cost is a factor for most people, which is why if you don’t have infertility insurance coverage, we have multiple options available to help people afford fertility treatment

Of course, the cost can be impacted by many circumstances, such as insurance, the procedure required, and the number of cycles completed. Further pricing information is explained here, and you’re always welcome to contact us with any questions you have. 

Can I speak with someone before my appointment if I have any questions?

While you should save all of your clinical or fertility treatment-specific questions for your initial consultation, Mary is available to answer any general ones you may have prior to your appointment. 

Schedule Your Fertility Consultation

If you have more questions about starting your fertility treatment or are interested in finding out more about your options, please contact us for an initial consultation. We are here to take this first step with you and will be there to guide you along the way.