ART for A.R.T.

ART for A.R.T.

“Life is short,
Art is long…”

Hello and welcome to The Fertility Centers of New England’s Boston Center.

The above passage is attributed to Hippocrates, an Ancient Greek physician (460-370 BCE), who made this line the opening of his medical text, Aphorismi.

The complete statement is:
“Life is short,
Art (from the Greek word ‘techne’ meaning skill or craft) long,
Opportunity fleeting,
Experience treacherous,
Judgment difficult.

The physician must not only be prepared to do what is right but also enable the patient, the attendants, and externals (others) cooperate.” In other words, healing is a TEAM effort with all participating in the care of the one seeking care.

At the Fertility Centers of New England , we understand this aphorism. Our goal is to help you along your journey to create a healthy family by partnering with you and enabling you to be an active, informed, and empowered patient. We will be with you every step of the way and will provide all the information you need to feel in control of the process so you can proceed at the pace that is right for you. In other words we are a team dedicated and committed to helping you achieve a successful pregnancy.

Our new location at 575 Boylston Street (Abby building) in Boston is designed to provide the personal, specialized care you deserve in a private and comforting setting. This healing ambience is enhanced by the original paintings and sculptures on display provided courtesy of Kathleen Knight of The Gallery At Four India Street in Nantucket and are available for purchase.

The Abby building lobby elevator opens to the private floor (4W) of The Fertility Centers of New England where an Art Gallery setting of traditional to modern fine art is encountered featuring seasonally changing artists. This season’s collection includes works by Peter Layne Arguimbau, James Harrington, John P. Osborne, Karen Petersen, Pamela Pindell, and Kevin J. Shea.

We hope you will enjoy our changing collections during your visits to the Fertility Centers of New England’s Boston Center. Over the past two decades, we have helped thousands along their journey to parenthood. We look forward to helping you with yours.

Joseph A. Hill, MD
President and CEO