Selecting frozen eggs is an appealing option for many people needing donor eggs. When an embryo has more than, or fewer than, the normal number of chromosomes, that’s a condition known as aneuploidy. Embryos that are aneuploid are more likely not to implant into the uterus and if they do implant, they are more likely to result in a miscarriage. Aneuploidy occurs across all age groups but is less likely in eggs from donors who are under the age of 30.

Men can also contribute to aneuploidy through chromosomally abnormal sperm, especially in men over age 45. Men with low sperm counts or with abnormal morphology called teratospermia are also more likely to have chromosomal abnormalities in their sperm. This is why we do preimplantation genetic diagnosis screening, PGS on all embryos from our donor egg cycles to give you the highest possible pregnancy rate and the lowest possible chance of a miscarriage.

The fee for this innovative service is $11,700* and includes:

  • Thawing of all frozen (vitrified) oocytes
  • Sperm preparation and ICSI
  • Embryo culture
  • Embryo biopsy and freeze (vitrification) on Day 5/Day 6 following fertilization
  • Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) using EmbryVu next generation sequencing (NGS) for all 23 chromosomes
  • Management and monitoring for the cryopreserved embryo transfer cycle at one of our locations
  • Embryo transfer following assisted hatching (AH) of one embryo with normal chromosomes
  • Blood pregnancy test at one of our locations 10 days following embryo transfer
  • One year storage of any remaining embryos with normal chromosomes

We are committed to helping you build a healthy family by providing a baby with normal chromosomes in the most compassionate, personalized, and cost competitive manner possible. For more information on Frozen Egg Assist, please contact us today.

*Please note, this fee does not include screening fees, the cost of frozen eggs, medications, or monitoring at locations other than at the Fertility Centers of New England.

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