EGG Assist

Choices regarding fertility therapy especially related to donor eggs are often based on financial concerns. Because nearly half of patients using donor eggs may need to have a second IVF cycle or more before a successful pregnancy occurs, the price for these services can be overwhelming, causing many who need donor eggs to remain childless.  Transferring a chromosomal abnormal embryo is a major reason why pregnancy is not successful in donor egg cycles. That is why we developed our new EGG ASSIST program. The $16,350* price for this innovative program is the most competitive program of its kind allowing the highest possible pregnancy rates and the lowest risk of miscarriage by selecting an embryo with normal chromosomes for transfer.

EGG Assist enables you to become the biologic mother of your child even if you cannot produce or use your own eggs. The eggs may come from an anonymous donor or from someone you know such as a friend or family member. However, you do not receive her egg during transfer, but rather an embryo. Since the implanted embryo builds its body from your body, you would be the biological mother and your baby would be your biological child. If you use your partner’s sperm to fertilize the egg then he would be the genetic father of your pregnancy which would be the same as every woman’s pregnancy allowing you to experience the joy of pregnancy and birth of your own child.

EGG Assist is not only an option for older women desiring a baby, but is also the treatment of choice for women of any age who have difficulty having a child using their own eggs. EGG ASSIST is also an option for women whose fertility has been impaired by cancer treatments or ovarian surgery. EGG Assist with donor eggs together with a gestational carrier allows single men and male couples to also be parents.

The fee for this innovative service is $16,350* and includes:

  • All management and monitoring for both donor and recipient during the IVF cycle and the cryopreserved embryo transfer cycle at one of our locations
  • Egg retrieval and anesthesia for this procedure
  • Sperm preparation and ICSI
  • Embryo culture
  • Embryo biopsy and freeze (vitrification) on Day 5/Day 6 following fertilization
  • Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for all 23 chromosomes
  • Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) following assisted hatching (AH) of one embryo with normal chromosomes
  • Blood pregnancy test at one of our locations 10 days following embryo transfer
  • One year storage of any remaining embryos with normal chromosomes

Our goal is to help you build a healthy family by providing a baby with normal chromosomes in the most compassionate, personalized, and cost competitive manner possible. For more information on EGG Assist, please contact us today.

* Please note, this price does not include the cost of medications, donor screening and administrative fees, reimbursement to the donor, agency fees, or monitoring outside of the Fertility Centers of New England.

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