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March 25

What an incredible time it has been since learning that I won the contest. I want to share that even after winning the contest, the path to our pregnancy was very emotional. During the egg retrieval, a simple and painless process, FCNE was able to extract 3 eggs from me. They fertilized them, implanted two, and froze the other one.

And we waited.

I continued singing along with John Bon Jovi in my head, knowing that we were continuing to live for the fight. And then, more bad news.

The two eggs that had been implanted didn’t work out. We were devastated. This was our chance. This was what the contest had promised, and it didn’t work out, despite everyone’s best efforts. Sometimes, it isn’t meant to be.

Then, something incredible happened.

Dr. Hill told me that they were extending my prize and implanting the final fertilized egg. This was not a part of the contest, and was completely unexpected. We couldn’t believe it! Still, at the same time, we were nervous; as this was our last hope.

The final embryo was implanted in my body and we waited. Days passed like weeks. Finally, we had our appointment with Dr. Hill.

“You’re pregnant! Everything looks perfect. I’m discharging you to your OBGYN. Congratulations!”

Words cannot describe our feelings that day. We lived on a prayer, and it was answered.

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