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February 27

My name is Kim. My life changed when the phone rang and I heard a voice saying “Hi, Kim, this is Dr. Hill from Fertility Centers of New England, you have won our contest.”

Let me back up a bit. My husband’s name is Ben. We met at a summer job in Maine when he lived there and I summered at my grandparents house. We ended up working at the same company for a summer job, and the rest is history. Now married, we’re a regular couple, but our lifestyle is somewhat unique. Ben's career as a tugboat captain involves him working away for 2 weeks, and then being home for 2 weeks. It can be a challenge, but we consider ourselves lucky as we’ve learned to appreciate each other for the time we have together.

Several weeks prior to receiving our life-changing call from FCNE, my husband Ben and I filled out a form on the Fertility Centers of New England website after seeing a post on Facebook. We didn’t expect to win (we never win anything!), but we knew we didn’t have many other options. We put in our information and decided to take a chance on fate.

We figured we had as good a chance as anyone to win, despite our typical lack of luck in these sorts of things. We were going to try to conceive naturally, but Ben had been diagnosed in previous years with cancer (not once but twice) and we were advised to wait a period of time before trying. We were also told that there was a high probability that we wouldn't be able to conceive naturally. But, against all odds, we conceived. We felt like this was our miracle baby because we were told it probably wouldn't happen naturally – and it did. Devastatingly, for both me and Ben, it resulted in a miscarriage.

We forged on, as we had learned to do together. Throughout both of Ben's battles with cancer, I knew he would be fine. The alternative just wasn't acceptable. I worked when I could, and took care of him, pushing ahead because it’s all we could do. "Livin on a Prayer", the quintessential Bon Jovi song, became my anthem because it described exactly how I felt during this period. As the song says, "You better hold on, ready or not. You live for the fight when it's all that you've got." We applied this philosophy to our fertility journey, as well. We couldn’t give up. The fight was all that we had.

Just as everyone faces their own struggles and challenges in life, everyone approaches IVF for different reasons. Regardless of those reasons, it is never an easy road to travel, and we knew we needed someone on our side who we trusted. As hard as it can be sometimes, knowing you have caring support on your side, and that there’s the possibility of something as wonderful as a baby at the end of it does make it easier.

I began my journey with Fertility Centers of New England because of this contest, and time will tell the outcome. But for now, I just feel incredibly grateful to have won this chance at growing my family. I will let you all know how it goes!

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