If you already have a child and desire another baby, we offer sex selection services that allow you to choose the sex before you become pregnant.

  • What is Sex Selection?

    Sex selection is the ability to increase the chances of having a child of a particular sex. The sex of a baby is determined by two chromosomes, one inherited from the mother and one from the father. These chromosomes are either X or Y. The egg from the mother carries an X chromosome, and the sperm from the father carries either an X or a Y. This is what determines the sex of the baby. If a Y-bearing sperm fertilizes the egg, the embryo is male. If an X-bearing sperm fertilizes an egg, the embryo is female. It is possible to have an abnormal arrangement of sex chromosomes; however, this is rare. Advances in cellular and molecular biology involving preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) on biopsied embryos allow us to know, with almost 100% certainty, the sex of the child before the embryo is implanted into the uterus.

  • Confidentiality

    We recognize that fertility-related treatment is deeply personal, and believe that your care should be also. Our commitment to a patient-centric approach extends to all of our services, which are entirely confidential. Our staff will release no information about you, unless so authorized.

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