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The Value-Based Model and Mission of the Fertility Centers of New England

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The Value-Based Model and Mission of the Fertility Centers of New England is to achieve excellence in the delivery of accessible, cost-effective, quality reproductive health care, and demonstrated customer satisfaction that delivers value to patients, payers, and the community.

The field of infertility is increasingly complex and demanding in today’s fee for service world and in states where infertility coverage is mandated. Many fertility centers work in a volume-based rather than a value-based model system due to their inability to adopt new skills and best practice methods for delivering cost-effective care. The healthcare industry is undergoing a period of great transformation and upheaval. Under the new Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA), millions of previously uninsured patients will be eligible for insurance. The Act also creates accountable care organizations (ACOs) in the traditional Medicare fee-for-service systems. How all this will affect patients with infertility is unknown as currently there are no provisions in the new laws for the care of those suffering reproductive difficulty. Whether states requiring infertility coverage will continue to mandate these services also remains unknown. As infertility patients navigate through an evolving world the value-based model encompassing the three C’s of Care, Cost and Convenience offered by the Fertility Centers of New England provides new hope.

The Fertility Centers of New England’s value-based model involves physicians and patients working together to provide comprehensive and compassionate care by making mutual decisions regarding the course of their care. This personalized service includes preference awareness, setting priorities, discussing expectations with total transparency as to success rates and costs. Evidenced-based, best practice performance using innovative, state-of-the-art laboratory techniques guided by fiscally responsible care considerations leads to higher pregnancy success rates, lower costs, and an enhanced patient experience than achieved at more traditional volume-based centers.

The three C’s of Care (>50% baby for women < 35yo and >70% for anonymous egg donor), Cost (IVF Assist and EGG Assist at $6,800 and $8,000, respectively), and Convenience (Nine locations including downtown Boston) make the Fertility Centers of New England the best choice for everyone needing IVF and other ART-related fertility services.