Multivitamins During Pregnancy May Reduce A Child’s Risk of Autism

Multivitamins During Pregnancy May Reduce A Child's Risk of Autism

Couples going through IVF have questions about what they can do to have a healthy pregnancy and how to prepare for it. A recent study published in the BMJ found that multivitamins during pregnancy may reduce a child’s risk of autism. These findings are based on a Swedish cohort of 273,107 mother-child pairs. The children […]

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Pregnant or Not Pregnant?

Endometrial Scratching

Fertility treatments allow patients to be empowered and to regain hope.  Once the patient has engaged in treatment, the two-week wait prior to pregnancy confirmation can be unbearable. Pregnant or not pregnant? Not surprisingly, patients search for both emotional and physical signs to affirm or deny the potential of pregnancy; all while watching the calendar turn […]

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