Reasons Why It Is Harder For Women to Lose Weight

Weight Loss for Men vs Women

Achieving ideal body weight is part of a healthy life style and may also be involved in fertility and pregnancy success. Achieving ideal body weight, however, is very difficult. Here are some reasons why it is harder for women to lose weight. There are several biological reasons for this discrepancy. First, women have more fat […]

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Leptin, the Hunger Hormone

Many hormones and interactions are crucial to the dynamic process we call reproduction. What remains elusive is whether there is a single molecular switch, a common regulatory element that governs the process. And along came leptin, a neurohormone which remains a candidate for this position. Leptin, the hunger hormone,  is a hormone signal that wears […]

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Do Irregular Periods Mean You Have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)?

Abnormal Periods and PCOS

Do irregular periods mean you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)? The truth is that there are many causes of irregular periods but PCOS is the most common cause. About 7% of the overall population, about 25% of young fertile women and over 50% of women with irregular periods have PCOS. So most women with irregular […]

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Ovarian Reserve

“Ovarian Reserve” is a term referred by many infertility specialists to describe the size, quality and developmental potential of the eggs remaining in the ovary. As a woman age’s ovarian reserve diminishes and the chance of a chromosomal abnormal egg and thus the potential for miscarriage increases. As a result, older women are less likely […]

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