Exercising the “Art” in A.R.T.

There is a certain “art” in Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Part of which is the successful culturing of embryos. Providing the best environment for embryos to thrive is one part of the infertility puzzle that can be very complex. Based on many years of research, embryologists study the biology of embryos to determine their specific needs […]

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Pregnant or Not Pregnant?

Endometrial Scratching

Fertility treatments allow patients to be empowered and to regain hope.  Once the patient has engaged in treatment, the two-week wait prior to pregnancy confirmation can be unbearable. Pregnant or not pregnant? Not surprisingly, patients search for both emotional and physical signs to affirm or deny the potential of pregnancy; all while watching the calendar turn […]

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How the Fertility Centers of New England Selects Embryos for Transfer

Just as our physicians treat patients as individuals, the embryologists at The Fertility Centers of New England treat embryos individually. Similar to the physician who uses the patient’s history, physical examination, and laboratory assessment to obtain a specific profile of that patient, we obtain an embryo profile at specific time points following egg retrieval, insemination, […]

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