Advance Glycation End-Products (AGE) Affects IVF

inflammation and infertility

Age supposedly affords us wisdom. It most certainly affords us the byproducts of aging. In particular, toxic-end products accumulate after metabolism and in our cells and tissues. These Advance Glycation End (AGE) products increase with impaired glucose metabolism (pre and diabetic) and with the use of high-heat in preparation of foods (for instance, grilling). We […]

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Diet and Lifestyle Issues While Attempting to Conceive

Caffeine and Fertility

Although a healthy lifestyle, including exercise and proper diet, is important for general health, it is not necessary to abstain completely from caffeine and alcohol while trying to conceive. On the other hand, extremes of weight and cigarette smoking have been shown to be detrimental to people trying to conceive. Here are common diet and […]

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