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New Hampshire Will Require Insurance Coverage For Fertility Treatments

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New Hampshire Residents Prepare for Fertility Insurance Coverage

January 1, 2020 is a turning point for family expansion in NH. Soon-to-be the 17th state in the country, New Hampshire will require insurance coverage for fertility treatments. Employer-sponsored plans will cover:

  • The diagnosis and treatment of fertility-related conditions for all patients regardless of their gender.
  • Fertility preservation for patients undergoing treatment such as chemotherapy that may affect their ability to have children.
  • Storage of sperm, egg and embryos for the length of the policy.

Our NH families will soon have access to many of the same benefits that our Massachusetts patients have.

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Prepping for your fertility coverage:

  1. Speak with your human resources (HR) representative to confirm your company will have coverage.
  2. Make an appointment with us at any one of our three NH locations (Portsmouth, Bedford and Nashua) for evaluation and fertility services preparation. Initial consultations for new patients are FREE for those without infertility insurance coverage. Click here to schedule a consult with one of our physicians to review your care.
  3. Be ready to expand your family!

Our insurance and clinical teams will be ready to submit your case to your insurance carrier with the start of the New Year. Once authorization is given, our team will request medications and ensure you are ready to begin. January through March fertility cycles deliver within the same year (and potentially the same deductible!). Make 2020 something special and start your planning today.

Thank you, New Hampshire, for investing in our families and the future.