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How IVF Assist Made One Couple’s Dream Come True

Ashley and Rick are your typical American couple in their early thirties. She’s a registered nurse and he is a submarine mechanic for the Navy. They were ready to start growing their family and found FCNE and our IVF Assist program. Here’s how IVF Assist made one couple’s dream come true in their own words.

We tried to conceive naturally for a year. As soon as that year was up we went to a different doctor, but we did not have a great experience. Tests results were not explained to us and we were simply told we needed surgery and they couldn’t help us until then. It left us confused and having a ton of questions but no one offered to meet with us. A specialist then recommended we go to the Fertility Centers of New England.

Our first experience with FCNE was great! It was so informative, and we learned what our test results truly showed, as well as what our next steps were. We left there with a plan and that made me feel much more relaxed. Our experience with our previous practice was scary and stressful. We had never been down this road before and we didn’t realize there could be so many different factors that played into infertility. As soon as we came to FCNE everything was cleared up and they instantly made us feel more at ease — we were actually able to see what road we had ahead of us.

The treatments were easier than I expected. When starting the hormones I was terrified of the side effects I might have! It turns out I had none. The injections were easier for me, I imagine since I am a nurse, but they give you so many instructions on how to do every step it’s definitely possible for anyone to do this! And, again, you can call the care teams at any time and they will help you through your questions. I felt I was told exactly what I would experience through the egg retrieval and embryo transfer so those weren’t as scary as you might think. Overall everything we went through seemed like nothing when we finally heard I was pregnant.

IVF Assist was an amazing deal! After I found out that IVF was what we were going to need to do, I read everything I could about it. I quickly realized that, while it can work the first time, you may need to try a few different protocols to see what works best for you. I knew I wasn’t going to just try this once if it wasn’t successful so IVF Assist with its third cycle free seemed like the best idea. And it’s exactly what worked for us, it wasn’t until our third round and third different protocol that we got amazing results.

From the office staff, to lab techs who draw blood in the morning, to ultrasound techs, to doctors and nurses who answered our millions of questions, everyone was friendly, happy to answer questions and made us feel more relaxed (even when it didn’t seem possible). The care teams were easy to get a hold of and whenever I felt overwhelmed and wanted to see my doctor, I could easily call and get an appointment to see him.

With FCNE, we always had a plan in place and knew what the next steps were. It was nice to finally have a little control with what we were going through. Without the expertise they have at this center I wouldn’t be pregnant with my first child and have 8 frozen embryos to give him or her a little sibling someday!

Ashley and Rick represent just one of the thousands of success stories that FCNE has. Learn more about IVF Assist and schedule a free consultation to learn about the options we have for you. Thank you to Ashley and Rick for sharing their story!