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Get To Know Dr. Amir Mor

Get To Know Dr. Amir Mor

Fertility treatment is personal. That is why it’s important to research all your options when choosing the fertility clinic. Finding the right doctor that understands and prioritizes your unique family-building needs will enhance your chances of a successful outcome. Get to know Dr. Amir Mor!

What led you to pursue a career in the fertility industry?

My father is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist (ObGyn) and it inspired me along with the great pleasure of helping women and couples have children.

How long have you been practicing?

11 years

What areas of fertility treatment interest you the most?

I am most interested in ovarian physiology, early pregnancy development, in-vitro fertilization (IVF), fertility preservation, and the introduction of new technologies that improve the care we provide.

What do you enjoy about working with patients, and what’s your approach to guiding them on their unique fertility journey?

Knowledge is the key. Understanding the problem and the best treatment options is crucial. I make sure that my patients fully understand what and why we are doing things at every step of the way. I see myself as the patient’s/couple’s partner who helps them achieve their dream of expanding their family.

What excites you about joining Fertility Centers of New England? What do you bring to the team?

I am excited to join a great, intelligent, competent, and caring team of people that have been working wonderfully together for decades. I feel lucky to be part of the Fertility Centers of New England family!

What are some lessons that you have learned thus far in your career that inform your daily approach?

My patients have been teaching me a lot. I enjoy our talks about medicine and beyond. My approach is shaped according to my patients’ needs and goals. It is also consistently evolving with the advance of medicine and science.

On top of treating patients, you also are an a academic lecturer at the State University of New York and Yale University. What’s the importance of teaching tomorrow’s physicians? What do you get out of these experiences?

No one is perfect. A good doctor knows that he/she won’t always be right. I make sure that this message is clearly related to my students. The passion to investigate, explore, and challenge things that don’t make sense is the key to improve what we do today. I passionately encourage my students to investigate, explore, and challenge things on their own.

Please share a recent success story that has stuck with you. 

This is an ongoing 10-year story of happiness when my patients and I see a baby with a heartbeat on the ultrasound.

What do you enjoy when you are not at work helping patients?

Traveling with my wife and our 8-month-old baby, snowboarding, and fixing our car.

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